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Man Says He Found Fried Mouse in Bag of Chips

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Jack Hines stated that he was eating some Frito-Lay chips on Tuesday, when he came across a fried mouse. Frito-Lay Inc. says that it will investigate the man’s claim, but the company’s spokesman said Frito-Lay is “very skeptical” of the claim after the company was sent a picture of the rodent.

The spokesman, Jared Dougherty, says that most of the time if a “foreign object” enters a bagged product, it is after the product leaves Frito-Lays control. The company takes problems with their products very seriously, and plan to send a representative to collect the mouse and chips for testing this weekend.

Hines said he found maggots on the mouse and chips a day after eating the chips. He has not seen a doctor yet, and only plans to if he gets sick. Hines did not know if he would seek an attorney to handle the matter.

State health officials stated that they knew nothing of the incident and were not investigating it.

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