Lafayette, Louisiana


Chrissie Cole

Man Suffers Injuries in Train Accident

A Shreveport man is in the hospital after a train accident involving his vehicle, on Hollywood Avenue.The train engineer told police the car had stalled between the crossing arms on the tracks and the driver was trying to get out of the vehicle. The train pushed the vehicle several feet along the tracks.The impact of the train crashing into the car ejected the driver. The man was taken to LSU…

Chrissie Cole

Train Accident Causes Explosion

On Monday a railroad accident occured when four railroad cars broke free and rolled into a standing engine, creating an explosion and fire in Estill County, say State Police. No injuries have been reported and plans for an evacuation in Northern Estill County have been changed. After many people left the area, the residents were then told to stay inside and put towels under their doors to…

Staff Writer

Louisiana Fifth Highest in Railroad Crossing Deaths

A July 27, 2006 AP story points to flaws in private railroad crossings that may be detrimental to the public. In an attempt to put more emphasis on improving safety at privately owned railroad crossings, the Federal government’s Transportation Department is considering a larger role in helping private landholders and railroad companies with this issue.All of this comes in response to the latest…